A Suffolk based business offering an Italian experience. We offer catering, tutoring, visits and talks. If you're interested please contact us.


What a joyful language Italian is!  It is undoubtedly one of the most musical of the romance languages, stemming as it does from Latin.  I have been teaching Italian since 1994 from beginners to “A” level standard. 
I can offer the following courses all over Suffolk and the East Anglian region.  If you contact me I can let you know if there is a class to suit you in your area. 


Italian holiday courses – six weeks at Debenham Leisure Centre (IP14 6BL)

Prepare for your Italian holiday with some language skills! We will cover going to the bar, eating out, tourist information, accommodation, shopping and transport. All you need to GET BY!

Choose from a day or evening option both at Debenham Leisure Centre:

New course dates coming soon  

If you are interested in either of these courses please contact me directly.


Year 1 Italian for complete beginners

This course is ideal for those with little or no previous knowledge of the Italian language.  We cover travel around Italy, using public transport, booking accommodation, shopping, sightseeing and eating out using role plays, games, listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Grammar covers gender of nouns, adjectives, the present tense, indefinite and definite articles, forming sentences.


Year 2 Italian for those who have completed year 1

This year continues to enrich vocabulary and grammar particularly past tenses.  Continuous use of role playing, games, listening exercises, reading and writing.  However, emphasis in on increasing confidence with speaking.


Years 3 and 4

A knowledge of basic grammar and vocabulary, and an ability to hold a basic conversation are requirements to continue into years 3 and 4.  We spend roughly 50% of the class increasing vocabulary and grammar through written and reading exercises.  You will then be able to practise what you have learnt in the second half of the class through speaking and listening with role plays, discussion and games. 


Conversation circles for those competent in the language

These conversation circles increase vocabulary through preparing role plays, discussing books, games, debating topics ranging from the weather to politics!  Each week we will also introduce a small grammar point for revision and to increase knowledge of the language.  There is also the possibility of creating short stories and plays.


Holiday Italian - Short courses (6-8 weeks) for those visiting Italy who want to be a little prepared…

Covering greetings, travel, accommodation, shopping, sightseeing and eating out, each week introduces a separate topic and consolidates vocabulary and phrases used in the previous week as consolidation.


Holiday Italian – intensive 4-6 hours weekend courses for those visiting Italy who want to be a little prepared….

Covering greetings, travel, accommodation, shopping, sightseeing and eating out through intensive but fun learning on a Saturday.


1:1 private tuition

At any level, your home or mine.


All courses can be adapted for small or large groups.